Ukraine Crisis Or Start of Europe Crisis

Photo by Jonathan Meyer on Unsplash

Thinking about the physical war in today's world did not make any sense. At least I thought so before Russia attacked Ukraine. The first thing which came to my mind was that “Is this the start of World War III?” Cold wars between countries are not a hidden truth but physical wars where people are involved is a total nightmare. The open war between Russia and Ukraine is not only affecting only Ukraine and neighbouring countries but the effect is getting deep in all the countries, especially in Europe. It is slowly converting into a crisis.

The people of Ukraine are crossing borders to seek shelter from other European countries starting from Poland. Hence declaring Ukraine Europe’s fastest-growing refugee crisis since World War II. Since the war, more than 1.5 million people have crossed the border in 10 days according to United Nations. It is not only the Ukraine crisis but the entire Europe crisis as arranging shelter for 1.5 million people with all the other logistics in a short period is becoming a big challenge.

With the rising of the refugees, the countries especially Poland, Romania and Moldova are under pressure as there is a crisis of logistics like medical, food and immediate shelter. Countries like Romania whose economy is ranked as 28th among the other European countries is dealing with an economic slowdown. It has gone worst since the country hit the pandemic Covid 19. It is very difficult to handle one more crisis like Refugees from Ukraine. Apart from giving shelter, the country will have to temporarily allow them to work in their country till the conflict is not resolved.

The other European countries are not obliged to do so but on humanitarian grounds, they are trying to help the Ukrainian citizen and their government to overcome this war and crisis. In a few months maybe the war will be put to an end, and we people who are watching from outside will stop talking about it. But the people of Ukraine and Russia as a victim will never come out of this trauma of leaving their country and the crisis they are going through. And countries all around the world and especially countries in European Union will have to feel the dent for the many upcoming years. By seeing the scenario it seems that the word “PEACE” is only just a word for discussion but the reality is far away from what we think.

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